tank lining with polyurea

tank lining with polyurea

Failed tank lining replaced

tank lining with polyurea

MacLennan have carried out another Polyurea tank lining installation this one in Salisbury , Wiltshire. The GRP Tank was leaking. The Polyurea tank lining system was chosen under advice from Maclennan THE Polyprufe Polyurea can completely replace the existing tank without having to remove it.

The MacLennan team are all trained in working in confined spaces. The tank was accessed through lifting gear and ventilated with extraction units. The join between the tank and the concrete base was lined. The tank was primed and then sprayed with the Polyprufe Polyurea tank lining system.

The system was dried in 10 seconds and could be filled with water almost immediately

The system is more durable and flexible than epoxy tank lining systems  and GRP Tank liners and can be installed in one day meaning very little down time.

The result was a tank lining installed in a day and guaranteed for 10 years.

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Ian Maclennan

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